Matt Holland, Improve My Running

I am a coach, sports therapist, advanced massage therapist and fitness & conditioning coach, specialising in running performance, and am based in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders.

I am able to treat the athlete through the whole journey - from locating the injury or dysfunction, through specific exercise conditioning and correct movement patterns - to help them achieve optimal peak performance.

I work with athletes of all abilities as well as people with chronic injuries and movement dysfunctions.

As an ex-GB athlete I understand the frustration of being injured and having to see different therapists for each stage of rehabilitation. I can help you, at any stage you are at, to be the best that you can be and enjoy injury free training.





Running more is just not enough...

None of us have the perfect biomechanics, so running more is just not enough to improve your running.

You are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain of movement required for running. We need to correct dysfunctional movement before adding sport-specific conditioning.

This will aid you in becoming more efficient as a runner and much less injury prone. This conditioning is key to achieving consistent and rewarding training. Visit THERAPY & CONDITIONING to find out more.


The Glenholm Centre



At the Glenholm Centre, Broughton

Our Run Training Camps take place in a rural location surrounded by spectacular scenery and run routes with plenty of hills and guided runs from 3 miles to 30 miles for our ultra runners.

The weekend training camps are based on the Kenyan method of RUN, EAT, REST, RUN and will include hill runs, roads and forest tracks.

9th to 11th May - Advanced

Minimum 2 hour long run, includes high intensity sessions. MORE

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